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  • Mindy Wheeler Wichita State University


The Fairmount Folio is a student publication of the Phi Alpha Theta honorary society at Wichita State University. The journal is written and edited by WSU students, both undergraduate and graduate. Each volume is the result of the hard work of many people, including those students who submit papers for consideration; the authors selected for publication; the Editorial Board which consists of several History Department faculty members; the Faculty Editor, Dr. Helen Hundley; and the Student Editor. This year, I was asked to be the Student Editor. When I accepted, I knew the task would be educational and fun, but at times, frustrating and time consuming. My expectations were met, and the rewards are beyond quantitative measure. As with history itself, the publication of an academic journal is a collaborative effort. Of great importance to this undergraduate editor was the unique opportunity to engage in and observe peer review of scholarly work and to experience the complete process of journal publication.

Thank you to Dr. Helen Hundley. She has been the Faculty Editor of the Folio for over a decade, and it is a great asset to the University, the History Department, and the students that she has dedicated her time and expertise repeatedly to this publication. This year, Dr. Hundley contributed to the Folio not just behind-the-scenes, but also with a new segment--an interview with a working historian. For students of history, it is enlightening and necessary to understand the scope and impact of historical research.

Thank you to all those who submitted papers for consideration. The Editorial Board received a record number of papers this year and the process was made even more challenging by the quality of the papers submitted.

Thank you to the authors selected for publication, not only for supplying the journal with interesting and well-written papers, but for their continued patience and diligence throughout the editing and revising process.

Thank you to the Editorial Board and faculty advisors. Drs. Ariel Loftus, Robert Owen, and Helen Hundley each read through the record number of submissions and thoroughly considered each one. In addition to the members of the Editorial Board, several other History Department faculty members provided the authors selected for publication with suggestions and guidance during the revision process. Specifically, I would like to thank Dr. Robin Henry, not only for her assistance during this project, but for her excellent teaching, interesting courses, and engaged support of my educational endeavors.

This volume spans from ancient to modem history, from Asia to the Americas, from military and political to cultural and religious histories. Of particular interest to this editor is the variety of sources utilized by the student authors. For instance, the study of history has been enriched in recent years by the introduction of various electronic databases which allow students at \VSU the access to engage in more thorough research than ever before. Several of the authors utilized contemporary newspapers to analyze the context of the topics being studied. Print media has played a unique role in enabling national discourse and disseminating information, and for just those reasons it is a primary tool for many historians.

The authors and editors thank you for reading the Fairmount Folio and sincerely hope you enjoy the product of so many people's efforts.

Mindy Wheeler

May 2009






Editor's Note