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  • Jillian Overstake Wichita State University


Dear Reader:

We are pleased to present the fourteenth edition of the Fairmount
Folio. This year we present works from both undergraduate and graduate
students in Wichita State University's history department. Each of these
essays was chosen for its content and overall quality by the Editorial
Board and carefully edited by myself and Dr. Helen Hundley to provide
the reader with the highest caliber of scholarship.

This issue, all of our entries deal with war: the reaction to war, war itself, the effects of war, and war of a different kind in our own society. An unattributed quote my mother often told me growing up was, "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting their own battle." This has resonated throughout the editing of this volume. As I encountered American Indian relations in the American Revolution with Jason Herbert's work, john Skelton's work about venereal disease among soldiers, the oft-looked over Memel problem in Nathaniel Lutke's essay, Sarah Lavallee's work on post-traumatic stress disorder among soldiers, Angela Sager's writing on the Mennonite reaction to the Vietnam War, and Tyler Thornton's work on local battles in the fight for rights of Wichita's homosexual community, I realized that battles are fought in every aspect of life; including editing, writing, and college level studentship in general. By analyzing these topics as they do, the student writers allow us to realize the effects of battles on everyday people fighting both militaristic wars and wars in society.

I must thank Dr. Helen Hundley for her supreme leadership role, kindness, and keen eye in the editing process. The Folio, as always, is indebted to the Editorial Board: Dr. Robert Weems, Dr. Jay Price, and student editor Jason Herbert. Lastly, a thank you to Denise Burns is necessary, who has helped students who do not have the insight in word processors that she does format their papers for our use.


Jillian Overstake

April 2012 


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