A Note from the Editor


  • Dr. Helen Hundley Wichita State University


Dear Readers,

We are very pleased to bring you Volume 15 of the Fairmount Folio, a journal made possible by the efforts of undergraduate and graduate students, and the faculty of the Department of History at Wichita State University. These articles were chosen for their sophisticated research and presentation qualities by Editorial Boards. Dr. Robert Weems, Willard W. Garvey Distinguished Professor of Business History, Dr. George Dehner, Associate Professor of History, Dr. Robin Henry Associate Professor of History, and Dr. Travis Bruce, Assistant Professor of History, all gave their time and expertise to choose the papers for publication.

This volume's wide range of topics from early Medieval to the twentieth century reflects the broad range of courses available to our students. Both Kristina Haahr and Lynsay Flory delve into the impact of two Christians, St. Frideswide who became an evolving legend which represented a variety of times, and John Wycliffe who challenged Roman Catholic administration. Jason Herbert, Anna Wood, and Emma Snowden all wrote on basic issues of race and expansion that came to a head in the nineteenth century. jason Herbert explores the nexus of Native Americans and escaped slaves in the creation of Muskogee society. Anna Wood looked at women abolitionists in Great Britain. Emma Snowden discusses the writings of a prominent American journalist, Henry Watterson, and his views on American Imperialism at the time of the Spanish-American War. We finish with two cultural topics which reflect very serious issues, personal hygiene and food sources. John Skelton's work on pellagra and Carolyn Speer Schmidt's work on food production and the needs of a modernizing world show how important changing food production and medical research was for the twentieth century.

Dr. Helen Hundley

Faculty Editor






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