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Back in our Fiske Hall home, this issue of "The Folio" showcases a variety of scholarship. Each volume
of the journal often reflects the seminar and course classes offered in the previous year. The articles in volume
19 are uniquely limited to American history topics. While the location of the topics is focused on one country,
they range widely chronologically. From colonial America to the 1920s, these papers reflect on serious issues
facing daily life. Both Amanda Underwood and Rhenee Clark Swink showcase the lives of women in eighteenth
century America. Logan Dougherty addresses the connection between politics and men's facial hair at the turn
of the twentieth century. The personal relationships of Cherokee political families, and the issues which drove
them to disagreement are analyzed and reflected upon in Erik Ferguson's article. We end the issue with Joshua
Mackey's recreation of the decades long effort to tell the tale of the Tulsa race riots. Taken together these
articles tell us much about the lives and issues facing Americans.
Thanks are due to the faculty of the Department of History who give of their time, expertise, and
guidance throughout the process. Faculty provide invaluable support from the development of paper topics
and sources of information in preparation of class papers, to guidance through the final revisions prior to
publication. A board consisting of faculty chooses the papers to publish.
On behalf of the students and faculty who made this edition possible, we hope that you will enjoy their

Dr. Helen Hundley
Faculty Editor

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Editor's Note