Editor's Note


  • Emily Jane Livingston Wichita State University


Publishing a journal featuring student articles has long been a goal for the Gamma Rho Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta. The journey to this first edition of the Fairmount Folio began long before I ever became a history student at Wichita State University. Those years of mental preparation helped this journal become a reality.

The process began at the Phi Alpha Theta Convention in St. Louis. Ken King, past president of our chapter, Eric Owens, current president and assistant editor, Erik Merkel, treasurer and business manager, Dr. Helen Hundley, faculty and spiritual advisor, and I were inspired by the journal workshop held there. Eric and I decided that a journal was going to be an essential part of our senior year of undergraduate work. Ken, Erik and Dr. Hundley inspired us and assured us that it was possible. Erik Merkel provided valuable research and attention to detail in his efforts to raise money and gather publishing information. Ken King and Dr. Hundley definitely deserve infinite gratitude for not only their guidance, persistence and encouragement, but also for their generous financial support. They believed in our ability to accomplish our goal. Eric Owens' help has been indispensible.

Dr. Donald Douglas, Dr. James Durham, Dr. Helen Hundley, Dr. Phillip Drennon Thomas, Andrew McBurns, and Rose Haley-Rose generously volunteered to read and judge the submissions. They provided us with insight and advice on how to bring the submissions to their finished form. Dr. Willard Klunder willingly gave of his time during the final stages of editing to help eliminate any faults that remained. I would also like to thank the editor of the 1995 Welebaethan, John Webb, for his inspiration, ideas, and advice, both at the Phi Alpha Theta conference, and via email. Lastly, I owe a debt of gratitude to my family and friends for enduring my endless absences on the computer.

Emily Jane Livingston, Editor, 1996 Fairmount Folio






Editor's Note