Editor's Note


  • Susan deWees


This, the second volume of the Fairmount Folio, attests to the hard work of its founders, who produced the first issue in 1996. Using their formula has made my task comparatively easier but certainly no less enjoyable. The appearance of this volume marks, hopefully, the beginning of a tradition for WSU history students.

A note about the contents is in order. A call for papers elicited a number of submissions from WSU students. Those papers were reviewed by the faculty and graduate student editorial board, who recommended four for publication. The authors of those papers then revised their submissions as suggested by the reviewers. A final editing readied them to appear here; they comprise the first four of the articles in this volume. The last four papers in this issue are those which this year won the annual prizes for student papers awarded by the Department of History. They are reprinted as submitted, with no editing other than standardization of the notes.

Thanks go to the faculty and staff acknowledged on the title page. I appreciate their enthusiasm and thoroughness in carrying out the jobs of reviewing and editing. Editing this journal has been a superlative learning experience-I have learned more about the publication process than I ever could have done in any coursework.

The Department of History and Dean David Glenn-Lewin deserve special thanks for their assistance in producing this journal. The Department funded publication of the award papers. Dean Glenn-Lewin has provided not only funding, but his personal support as well, both of which are greatly appreciated.

Finally, I wish to acknowledge the contributions of Professor Helen Hundley as supervising faculty. She has cheerfully facilitated the whole publication process with just the right amount of supervision.

Susan deWees






Editor's Note