Editor's Note


  • Kirk Scott Wichita State University


The third volume of the Fairmount Folio is the result of the contributions of many individuals. The Folio is open to students and graduates of all departments and disciplines, provided their work is on an historically significant topic. I am particularly grateful to those who submitted papers for the selection process. The process of selecting papers, as well as of critiquing and revising those selected, is rigorous and time-consuming. I wish to thank all those on the editorial board who contributed their time and expertise, as well as the supervising faculty, Professors Helen Hundley and William Klunder, for their invaluable contributions.

Our congratulations go out to the authors of the selected papers and the departmental award-winning papers which are also included in this volume. I wish to thank all those on the editorial board and especially to Wichita State University and the history department.

The Fairmount Folio provides an opportunity to students and others to contribute to a reviewed journal. Building as it does on the solid foundation laid by the editors and contributors to the first two volumes, I kust that this volume continues their fine work and that it will contribute to the continuing success of this journal.

Special thanks are extended to Diane Scott and Tomas Zahora.

Kirk Scott


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Editor's Note