Editor's Note


  • Tomas Zahora Wichita State University


This volume of the Fairmount Foliois a witness to several changes made to the "tradition" that was established in 1996 when the first volume was published. We have increased the format of the journal, and changed the font and the overall appearance of the pages, with the hope that such adjustments would present the essays in a manner befitting their quality. We did preserve the basic layout of the previous volumes, and the order in which the articles and reviews appear.

Besides the gratitude owing to the editorial board, I would like especially to thank Dr. Hundley and Dr. Klunder for their patience and detailed comments; Denise Burns, whose help in scanning articles prevented us from missing the already broken deadlines; and Holly Wright for her valuable advice on the choice of fonts and page design.

Tomas Zahora






Editor's Note