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  • Kynda Faythe Altoona-Midway School District



Sirens clear a path to this trauma center Warning others that help is on the way
Armed with only knowledge and good intentions

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  • Kynda Faythe, Altoona-Midway School District

    A Bohemian-esque tomboy with a passion for stories and words, Kynda Faythe is a free-spirited advocate, teacher, author, and self-proclaimed concoction of Scout Finch, Professor Keating, with a touch of Julie Andrews. Kynda became a fourth generation educator by taking the road less traveled. After experiencing the world of Shakespearean productions and coffeehouse music, she earned her B.S. in rhetoric from Kansas State University. A detour took her to the Pacific Northwest where she became involved with education in a different manner with Oregon Department of Transportation. After earning her M.A.T. at Western Oregon University, she wrote of her experiences with autistic children. Eventually she returned to Kansas, welcoming a homecoming of sorts into the family business. She has thrived in her role of teacher, coach, and educational leader at Altoona-Midway School District. Kynda is currently completing her Ph.D. in literacy leadership. This journey has made all the difference. She can be reached at






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