Butts in Bleachers


  • Brooke Johnson Wichita East High School




Note: This spoken word poem was written and presented by Brooke Johnson at the October 2015 KATE Storytelling Conference.


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Author Biography

  • Brooke Johnson, Wichita East High School

    Brooke Johnson was born and raised in Wichita, KS. She loves the wide-open spaces but continually
    feels the need to travel abroad. After graduating from Wichita State University in 2008, she taught
    English Language Arts at Wichita North High School for nine years. Six of those years she worked
    with the AVID system, encouraging students to seize every opportunity they could for their future.
    Currently, Brooke teaches ESOL English Language Arts at Wichita East High School. Recently she
    received her MLA degree from Baker University with an emphasis in literature. Brooke is also a
    National Staff Developer for AVID, where she trains other content teachers in AVID reading
    strategies that can help increase rigor and comprehension in the classroom for all students. Brooke
    was the 2015 Summer Teacher Speaker at the Dallas AVID Summer institute. She enjoys sharing her
    stories and lessons learned in the classroom. She can be reached at brooke.bn@gmail.com.






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