Promoting Literacy with Teacher Knowledge in Analyzing and Using Student Data: A Review of Literature


  • Kynda Faythe Altoona-Midway School District



The concept of data based decision making has been in the forefront of educational reform for decades. Despite the fact that data could better inform the educational decisions teachers make, some educators lack understanding of data and assessment. This could lead to misinterpretation and poor use of the scores. The purpose of this literature review is to learn more about English language arts (ELA) and literacy teachers' current practices and experiences in using assessment data to shape their literacy instruction and to learn more about their perceptions of how this assessment data should be used to shape classroom instruction. This literature review will describe five themes: (a) school leaders and teachers' level of understanding related to interpreting assessment results, (b) use of data types having different applications for school, (c) data collection methods schools employ, (d) the process of utilizing the data, and (e) creating a data culture within school. Finally, possible ideas about the future areas of research are shared.

Author Biography

  • Kynda Faythe, Altoona-Midway School District
    A Bohemian-esque tomboy with a passion for stories and words, Kynda Faythe is a free-spirited advocate, teacher, author, and self-proclaimed concoction of Scout Finch, Professor Keating, with a touch of Julie Andrews. Kynda became a fourth generation educator by taking the road less traveled. After experiencing the world of Shakespearean productions and coffeehouse music, she earned her B.S. in rhetoric from Kansas State University. A detour took her to the Pacific Northwest where she became involved with education in a different manner with Oregon Department of Transportation. After earning her M.A.T. at Western Oregon University, she wrote of her experiences with autistic children. Eventually she returned to Kansas, welcoming a homecoming of sorts into the family business. She has thrived in her role of teacher, coach, and educational leader at Altoona-Midway School District. Kynda is currently completing her Ph.D. in literacy leadership. This journey has made all the difference. She can be reached at






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