Fingerprint Essay

Creative Exploration and Personal Narrative


  • April Pameticky Wichita East High School


Fingerprint Essays allows students to reflect on their own goals and dreams, and then display them in a way that is graphically creative and interesting.

Author Biography

April Pameticky, Wichita East High School

Mother, wife, teacher, poet. April Pameticky shares time between her high school English classroom and the creative community of artists and writers in Kansas. She launched the Wichita Broadside Project and currently serves as editor of River City Poetry, an online poetry journal. Her own work can be seen in journals like Malpais Review, KONZA, and Chiron Review. She is also the author of several chapbooks, and her debut full-length collection Waterbound (2019) is available from Spartan Press. Follow April @aprilinwichita. Learn more about her at Email her at






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