Shaping Rainbows


  • Blake Overman Wichita State University



A queer educator's reflection of their personal journey. How their past has informed their perspective, and how they can use this perspective to support and guide their students.

Author Biography

  • Blake Overman, Wichita State University

    Blake Overman is committed to collaborating to find ways to reach a wide breadth of students and create impactful instruction and lasting literacies. Placing great emphasis on relevance, he hopes to engage his students to apply themselves in his classroom. He appreciates mutual initiatives amongst unique identities. An avid lover of visual media, particularly film, he is excited to incorporate it into his curriculum. In May 2020, he completed his BA in English Education 6-12 with a minor in Theater at Wichita State University. Blake hopes to pursue his best self, through continued education and his students. He will begin a graduate teaching assistantship in Wichita State's English Department in fall 2020 where he is pursuing his master's degree. Blake can be reached at






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