Student Upset That Word She Studied for Wasn't on the Final


  • LuAnn Fox Olathe East Senior High School, Olathe, Kansas


satire, anxiety, students, teacher, final


This is a satirical news article about a student upset that she worked harder than she felt necessary to achieve a goal. Instead of just completing her culminating task and moving on, she wants to hold her teacher accountable.

Author Biography

LuAnn Fox, Olathe East Senior High School, Olathe, Kansas

LuAnn Fox is a secondary public school English teacher who has been in the classroom for twenty-two years. She has been published in Kansas English and The Kansas City Star and has been a frequent panelist on the No Wrong Answers educational podcast. She was awarded the 2018 KATE High School Teacher of Excellence and the 2019 NCTE High School Teacher of Excellence.  She is passionate about an authentic scope and sequence that promotes student understanding of how grammar, language, and writing works and empowers them with rhetorical choice. Contact LuAnn Fox at






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