For Every One by Jason Reynolds


  • Spencer G. Arndt Wichita West High School, Wichita, Kansas



Brought into the light during the grand opening of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in 2011, Jason Reynolds's short speech For Every One, addresses the youth of this nation,emphasizing the importance of pursuing one's dreams. A speech, later transformed into a book in verse in 2018, serves as A poem, A nod. A Nothing to Lose. In a comforting yet inspirational tone, this heavy-hitting book looks to invigorate youth and provide the necessary fuel to pursue their wildest dreams. The back of the cover reads, This is for the courageous, and everyone who wants to be. This book is brilliantly simple yet immediately empowering. For Every One. For every dream; for every person; for every child who wants to make their dreams come true.

Author Biography

  • Spencer G. Arndt, Wichita West High School, Wichita, Kansas

    Spencer G. Arndt will begin his first year of teaching at Wichita West High School in fall 2020. He enjoys writing poems, hanging out at local coffee shops, and playing with his one-eyed cat. He can be reached at






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