Why the Need for Writing Instruction Persists in the Age of Generative AI

A Professional and Personal Reflection


  • Stephanie Robinson Eisenhower High School




artificial intelligence, AI, generative AI, GenAI, ChatGPT, writing instruction, traditional essays, reflective essays, personal growth


As an educator reflecting on the challenges posed by generative artificial intelligence (GenAI), especially with the rise of models like ChatGPT, I explore the enduring significance of writing instruction in the modern-day classroom. Starting with a personal encounter that exemplifies the transformative potential of writing, this piece delves into my journey as an English teacher. The central question revolves around whether GenAI writing diminishes the value of traditional essays, prompting a deep exploration of my own experiences and beliefs as an educator. I emphasize the cathartic essence of writing, extending beyond academic standards to become a crucial tool for self-discovery and understanding the complexities of the world. Despite the influence of AI on every aspect of our society now, I assert that fostering authentic conversations and teaching reflective essays are essential for students’ personal growth and critical thinking.


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Author Biography

  • Stephanie Robinson, Eisenhower High School

    Stephanie Robinson (she/her) is a secondary educator in the Goddard School District and a post-secondary adjunct instructor for composition/rhetoric. She is an avid writer and published poet, but as a first-generation college graduate, she is always an educator first. Stephanie can be reached at srobinson@goddardusd.com. Visit her teaching portfolio at www.stephrobinson.strikingly.com





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