Do As I Say and As I Do

Creating Strong Writers by Emphasizing and Modeling the Process


  • Haven Massey Wichita State University



composition, literacy, drafting, revising, editing, grammar, peer review, writing process, writer’s notebook


When I was a high schooler, my knowledge of the writing process was slim, thus forcing me into a box of mediocrity. My collegiate experience has opened my eyes to my misunderstanding of drafting, revising, and editing and how that stunted me as a writer. In this reflection, I consider my lackluster methods, explore better options, and consider how I can implement these in the classroom to prevent my students from falling down the same path of comfortable stagnancy.


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Author Biography

  • Haven Massey, Wichita State University

    Haven Massey graduated from Wichita State University in May 2024 with a major in Secondary English Education and a minor in Theatre. She presented at the 2023 Kansas Association of Teachers of English (KATE) Conference and will begin her teaching career at Maize South High School in August. She can be reached at





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