Back on Track

Academic and Athletic Adventures in Growing Season by James V. Jacobs


  • John Franklin Pittsburg State University



young adult novel, Growing Season, James V. Jacobs, sports, distance running, college, mental health


The author reviews the young adult novel Growing Season (2023) by James V. Jacobs, providing a brief summary, teaching ideas, and a list of similarly-themed texts.


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Author Biography

  • John Franklin, Pittsburg State University

    John Franklin (BA Rice, MA Miami of Ohio, PhD Florida; certified to teach English and economics) began his career at Jones High School in Houston. During that time, he combined his love for literature with a love of travel, spending 12-week summers biking or backpacking to visit the settings of the drama, fiction and poetry he loved to teach: Scotland for Macbeth; London for Dickens; Canterbury for Chaucer; and the Lake District for Wordsworth. One Fourth of July he ventured further abroad, discovering himself atop the Acropolis in Athens, thinking, “Here I am at the birthplace of democracy on the birthday of the greatest democracy that has ever existed.” He has spent his life since then appreciating and sharing his good fortune. John Franklin (pronoun he) is a Professor of English and Director of English Education at Pittsburg State University in Southeast Kansas where he teaches Literature for Middle and Secondary Schools. He may be reached at






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