The First Year

  • Tabetha Davis Wichita Public School District 259, Wichita, Kansas


My first year of teaching is a melting cone.

Author Biography

Tabetha Davis, Wichita Public School District 259, Wichita, Kansas
Tabetha Davis is a seventh grade Language Arts teacher that works daily to empower students through different avenues of literature. Tabetha believes that every student has valuable and unique thoughts to share and works to help them learn how to express those thoughts effectively. Tabetha is a graduate of Wichita State University with a degree in Secondary English Education. She recently started her career in a magnet school within the Wichita School District. She is currently the school’s student council sponsor where she encourages students to take on leadership roles in their daily lives. In her spare time Tabetha enjoys experimenting with poetry and creative writing. She can be reached at
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