They, Them, or Human? Jeff Garvin's "Symptoms of Being Human" Charms Readers and Identifies the Humanity in the Misunderstood


  • Elizabeth G. Vest Wichita State University



Jeff Garvin, Symptoms of Being Human, book review


Jeff Garvin paints an incredible picture of Riley Cavanaugh in Symptoms of Being Human. Riley, of Park Hills, California, is a lot of things: the new kid at school, teenager, (pretty famous) blogger, a flirt, and most importantly, the kid of a congressman running for reelection. Can it get any worse?

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  • Elizabeth G. Vest, Wichita State University
    Elizabeth Vest is an aspiring English Educator attending Wichita State University in Wichita, Kansas. She has earned an Associate's Degree in Visual Art from Butler Community College, and is currently working towards her Bachelor's Degree in Secondary English Education. Elizabeth works at the Boys and Girls Clubs of South Central Kansas with young people ranging in age from kindergarten to twelfth grade, and works on campus at WSU as a tutor. She is motivated by the human connection and the idea that the world will become a better place. She can be reached at






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