"Pleasure to Burn"

A Comprehensive Look into the History of Censoring Literature in School Environments


  • Jessica Marston Arkansas State University




censorship, historical approach, book burning, book banning


The literature review below was done to investigate the history of censorship, specifically book burning and how it relates to the modern-day censorship that is seen in our country today. Using scholarly articles and books, news articles, professional organization websites, video documentaries, and data from prominent anti-censorship organizations, this article strives to tell the full story of the world's complicated history with the censorship of knowledge. This review of literature makes clear that contemporary and historical censorship is an attempt to gain power and suppress the voice of those under authority. As educators, students, and community members, it is vital to use this knowledge to protect students' right to read.


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Author Biography

  • Jessica Marston, Arkansas State University

    Jessica Marston is a 2023 graduate of Arkansas State University where she received a Bachelor of Science in Middle Level Education with emphasis in English and Social Studies. Originally from Cabot, AR, Jessica chose to go into the field of teaching due to the many teachers who impacted her life. As she enters her new career field, she hopes to encourage kids to love reading and learning about the world around them. She can be reached at vjessie10@gmail.com.






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