Strengthening Teacher Preparation

Addressing Perceptions of Behavior Management and Bilingual Learners during Field Experiences


  • Victoria Seeger Northwest Missouri State University
  • Madeline Sherman Northwest Missouri State University



teacher preparation, behavior management, classroom management, bilingual learners, literacy instruction


A large body of literature recognizes the many challenges teachers experience in the classroom. The research and subsequent article bring to light the concerns identified by undergraduate teacher candidates during a day-long field experience. The intention of the experience was to focus on literacy instruction; however, that was often overshadowed by classroom and behavior management concerns and questions. Reflections and discussions after the experience were dominated by the identified behavior and classroom management issues and concerns the teacher candidates noticed. Their post-experience reflections were so focused on them that the candidates were unable to process the literacy behaviors, instruction, and resources.

Author Biographies

  • Victoria Seeger, Northwest Missouri State University

    Dr. Victoria Seeger was an Associate Professor at Northwest Missouri State University in the School of Professional Education. She recently retired but continues to teach in the online environment for Northwest in the Curriculum and Instruction Master's Degree Program and Reading Master's Degree Program. She also supervises Residency Practicum and Student Teachers for the university. Dr. Seeger reviews articles for Kansas English and the ILA journal, The Reading Teacher. She lives in Lawrence, KS, and may be reached at

  • Madeline Sherman, Northwest Missouri State University

    Ms. Sherman is a dedicated educator passionate about education and cultivating collaborative learning experiences for teacher candidates. She is currently a University Supervisor and adjunct instructor for the School of Professional Education at Northwest Missouri State University and a graduate assistant for Kansas State University where she is working on her doctorate. Ms. Sherman is a reviewer for Educational Considerations and her research interests include education preparation programs, new teacher development, executive functioning, social-emotional learning (SEL), adverse childhood experiences (ACES), child development & classroom, and behavior management. She may be reached at






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